Rotary in the News

 Columbia Star – August 22, 2014

Five Points Rotary was featured in the Columbia Star for our donations to the Boy Scouts and to Healthy Learners.  “Let our light so shine” – DG Williamson

Chris Joye Will Talk About Cyber Security Guarantee


Is cyber-security a myth?

Chris Joye is the founder and President of the Joye Technology Group, LLC, which provides “technology solutions.” for businesses. Chris is a graduate of Clemson with a BS in Industrial Management, has an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and has certifications as a Professional Manager of Projects (PMP) and a Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW). Can we ever have security in cyberspace on our business websites when professionally-managed government sites gets hacked regularly?  Is there such a thing as cyber-privacy?  Get answers at this meeting.

The meeting will be held on Friday, August 22 at 1 pm at the Convention Center.

President Teri and Caroline Byrd, U of SC Rotaractor, Talked About RI Convention. New Member Inducted.


On August 1, Caroline Byrd (top photo), Rotaractor from the University of SC Rotaract Club, and President Teri gave what some say was one of the most interesting and fun presentations of the new Rotary year with both women speaking freely about their experiences in Sydney, Australia during the 2014 Rotary International Convention – with about 20,000 other Rotarians. Continue reading

Brian Huskey of the Midlands Housing Trust Fund Gave His Views

HuskeyOur guest speaker on July 18 was Brian Huskey, the Executive Director of the Midlands Housing Trust Fund and has more than twenty years of experience working in development of affordable workforce housing and creation of special needs housing for people suffering from homelessness, disabilities, and for working poor citizens.

With so many people not able to pay their mortgages and few unable to even consider home ownership, we hope that Brian helps improve home ownership for the most deserving.

Dr. James C. “Jimmie” Williamson, New District Governor


Rotarian Jimmie Williamson is the new District 7770 Governor. He wore his bow tie and encourages other Rotarians to wear a bow tie, to tie us together as Rotarians.  He is emphasizing Polio Plus and getting all Rotarians involved in one or more of the programs of Rotary.  He is also promoting Rotarians attending at least one meeting a week and using make-ups when they miss.  He also is encouraging us to give at least $100 a year as a sustaining member of the Rotary Foundation, with a goal of becoming a Paul Harris Fellow (minimum $1000).   Continue reading