How to Apply for Charitable Donations

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Every year The Rotary Club of Five Points makes charitable donations to non-profit organizations. Requests for donations must be made each year – past recipients are not automatically considered.  You must apply each year. Any non-profit organization is eligible to apply for consideration of a donation.

To apply you will need to submit a letter of request AND a copy of the non-profit’s most recent Form 990 or Form 990 EZ. Non-profits who do not have a Form 990 or Form 990EZ are invited to submit their latest financial statement.

The letter of request should be typed on organization letterhead and must explicitly identify the amount of money being requested and where (city/state) and how the funds will be used. We ask that an officer of the non-profit sign the request letter and that the following specific information be included under his/her signature:

-Full Name of Requesting Non-Profit*

-Full Mailing Address of Requesting Non-Profit*

-Tax ID Number of Requesting Non-Profit*

-Office and Cell Phone Numbers and Email Address of a contact at the Requesting Non-Profit (please indicate if this contact is different than the signee)

(*This information is required as we must provide it on the Rotary Club of Five Point’s 990 tax return)

When complete, the written request and the financial documentation must be mailed to the Rotary Club of Five Points and be postmarked before March 30th of a calendar year to be considered. The Club mailing address is:

Rotary Club of Five Points

ATTN: Mike Dawson, Fund Disbursement Committee

PO Box 5472

Columbia, SC 29250

Questions about any aspect of the above may be emailed to Organizations selected to receive a donation will be invited to send a representative to a Club Meeting to participate in a “big check” presentation in person.