The Rotary Club of Five Points, founded in 1954, is a proud member of Rotary District 7770 and Rotary International (RI).  Rotary International is regarded as the world’s first service club organization, and its members are part of a worldwide fellowship of over 1.2 million people.

Our Club is 1 of 17 Rotary Clubs serving the Columbia, SC metropolitan area. We welcome visitors and potential members to our club meetings and most events.  See our Events Calendar for meetings and activities.  If you would like to visit, please accompany a club member.  If you do not know a club member then email us at and we will arrange for a host.

To actually join the club, a prospective member must be proposed by a current member and approved by the club Board of Directors.  If you have interest in joining the Rotary Club of Five Points, please make your desire known to a present Club Member.  If you do not currently know a member or you are interested in more information, send us an e-mail at