Scott Campbell and Bill Phillips spoke about health in Columbia on September 29



Bill Phillips, MD, an interventional cardiologist, and Scott Campbell, Market CEO of Providence Health hospitals in Columbia, talked about their efforts to improve the health of the people in Columbia.

Providence Hospitals, previously owned by the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine in Cleveland, is now named Providence Health, one of 72 hospitals in the U.S. operated by LifePoint Health, based in Brentwood, Tennessee.

Hospitals, in the near future, will be rewarded based on outcomes, cost control, and measured improvement in the health of the community.  Hospitals and doctors will no longer be paid simply on the number of surgeries or treatments performed, the number of patients seen, or the volume of medications prescribed.  The emphasis for doctors and hospitals in the healthcare industry will be on preventing diseases and injuries, encouraging exercise and nutrition, and reducing the need for drugs and surgery.  Hospitals will shrink in size, although the need for primary care physicians will increase, supplemented by physician assistants and nurse practitioners.

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