Meet Ameya, our newest member

Ameya Pethe

On July 28, Ameya (uh-may-uh) Pethe (peh-tay) was inducted as our newest Rotarian. His father, Mrunalini Pethe and mother, Vinayak Pethe, were present.  Nancy Moody led the induction.

Ameya was born in Puney, India in the state of Maharashtra.  At six years of age, his family moved to Dubai, UAE where Ameya was in school through high school.  He returned to India for his college degree from Puney University.

Then he came to the USA to study at SUNY Utica in 2011 and graduated with a Master’s Degree in 2013.

He is an IT Solutions Architect at  Enterprise IT Solutions based in Charlotte.

Let’s welcome Ameya to Five Points.

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