Csilla Farkas to speak on Cyber Warfare from a Technical and Societal Perspective on Friday March 17th at the Convention Center at 1:00 PM

farkas-newCsilla Farkas is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Director of the Center for Information Assurance Engineering at the University of South Carolina.   Her research interests include information security, data inference problems, financial and legal analyses of cyber crime, and cyber-physical systems security.  Dr. Farkas is a recipient of the National Science Foundation Career award.  The topic of her award is “Semantic Web: Interoperation vs. Security – A New Paradigm of Confidentiality Threats.”  Dr. Farkas actively participates in international scientific communities as program committee member and reviewer.

Our society is increasingly dependent on computing technologies.  At the same time, cyber attacks are becoming more-and-more intrusive and devastating.  There is a diminishing separation between cyber and physical systems.  In this talk she will present the changing landscape of today’s cyber threats and the challenges faced by individuals, corporations, and nations. I will provide an overview of promising approaches that bring together technical, human, business, and legal experts to identify and implement the most suitable cybersecurity strategies.

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